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At Citi Pond, we care about your privacy. We have adopted the following policies to protect your privacy so that you can feel confident about how we handle the personally identifiable information (‘personal information’) you entrust to us, and understand how we manage your personal information to offer you the best possible products, services and experiences. The servers that make(s) this site available, and the databases where your personal information may be stored, may be located outside the country from which you accessed this site. However, we will collect, process and use personal information only in accordance with the following policies. The personal information made available to us may, therefore, be transmitted abroad. By visiting this site and submitting information, you consent to such collection, processing, transfer and/or storage of your personal information.
While we do not intend to make changes to our policies very often, it is always a good idea to double check when you visit our site to be sure that you have read and agree with our most current policy statement. We will not make any changes that have retroactive effect unless legally required to do so.
The content on our sites may include, among other items of interest, entertainment, surveys, sweepstakes, and contests, and may also include advertising and opportunities to shop online. We may also provide information on our company and our products. We hope that you enjoy our site and will come back often to visit!

Please take a moment to review our policy in detail. To assist you, we offer this short summary.
We use your personal information to fulfill your requests and serve you better. We will not share your personal information with outside third parties without your consent.
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We reserve the right to use or disclose your personal information in certain circumstances, such as to satisfy a legal request or protect our property.
When do we collect personal information?

We collect personal information, such as names, addresses, e-mail addresses, hobby or activity information, demographic information (age, gender, etc.), taste or other preference information, when voluntarily submitted by a visitor. Visitors may choose to submit personal information online to enter contests, to obtain information, to submit a comment, to register for a loyalty program, or to place an order. We may also obtain contact lists, demographic, and other information from other sources. For the convenience of our customers and to better serve you, we may combine the data. You can update or correct your contact information or change your preferences about receiving offers and information from us at any time.
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What do we do with your personal information?
We collect personally information to enter you in contests and notify you of results, to e-mail you with updates and news, to respond to your questions or comments, to register you for certain features, to provide personalized content, information, and/or to send out brochures, coupons, samples, offers and other information about our products or our company. We usually ask visitors who provide their e-mail addresses to let us know if they would like further information or updates from us or our site; only those who request such information will receive follow-up e-mails or other communications from us. We may also ask if you would like to receive information about other products available from members of our family of companies. Only those who expressly ask to receive such information online will receive it. If we are not sure of your preferences, we may ask you about them. We also offer visitors an "opt-out" option at any time they wish to cease receiving e-mails or other information from us.

Sometimes our brands will make offers, coupons and information, including catalogues, available to you via mail. For example, when customers place an online order in our catalogue stores or sign up for one of our catalogues online, we may add them to the list to receive that catalogue. We may also use lists that we have received from third parties or public sources to send you this information, and, as is routinely done in the catalogue business, may exchange names and addresses (but not e-mail addresses absent consent) of our catalogue customers with other catalogue companies who may also contact you by mail. You may "opt-out" of receiving offline communications from our brands at any time.

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Personal information is used solely by us, and our affiliates, agents or business partners who help make this site and its content and the products and services at this site, available to you in order to respond to your requests (like fulfilling online shopping orders or offering a sweepstakes or promotion), and to better serve you, consistent with this policy. Data may be shared or combined between current or future affiliates, subsidiaries or other related entities of our company to enhance efficiency and minimize duplication of contacts with you. In addition, we may occasionally ask you if we may share information with other trusted third parties. We will let you know at the time the information is collected if such third-party sharing is anticipated, will identify the types of businesses at the area of collection, will describe the information we will share (like your mail or e-mail address), and will only share data if you agree. We will share personal information only with those who have agreed to follow policies similar to our own.

How do we use "cookies" and Web beacons?

What are cookies?
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How do we use cookies to personalize your experience at our sites?
Cookie technology helps us deliver content tailored to a visitor’s interests, and allows us to make ordering products, entering and participating in sweepstakes and contests, and offering other functions at our site easier for our visitors. Sites that offer online shopping use cookies to remember and process the items in your shopping cart. Where permitted, we may associate personal information with a cookie file in such instances.
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Is credit card / transaction information secure?

We care about the safety and security of your transaction. Therefore, we use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to communicate with your browser software when you order from us online and thereby provide us with credit card or similar information. SSL is the industry standard security protocol, which makes it extremely difficult for anyone else to intercept your credit card / transaction and order information that you send us when you submit your online order. Otherwise, the transmission of information to and from us would not be encrypted or secure.

What do we do to safeguard personal information?

We have instituted numerous safeguards to ensure that our internal procedures keep your information safe. We also use our best efforts to make sure that third parties who work with us as our agents to make this site and its contents available to you, and to fulfill your orders and requests to protect your personal information with the same dilegence and care.

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What else do you need to know?

We reserve the right to use or disclose any personal information as needed to satisfy any law, regulation or legal request, to conduct investigations of consumer complaints or possible breaches of law, to protect the integrity of the site, to fulfill your requests, or to cooperate in any legal investigation.

What should you do if you have questions, wish to access, update or delete information, or wish to opt out of receiving future communications?

If you would like us to access, update, change, or delete information that we have about you in our marketing database (subject to any applicable legal exceptions), would like to opt out of receiving further communications from us, or have questions about our privacy policy, please contact us at 212-661-6640.

Policies & Procedures
General Admission
Citi Pond at Bryant Park is NYC’s only free ice skating rink. Citi Pond is open to the public.
• All Sales are Final whether purchased on the FastPass system, or at the ice skating rink. 
• In order to ice skate at Citi Pond, you must enter the Skating pavilion, check-in at one of the registers, and obtain a skating guest wristband.
• Non-skating guests may also enter the Skating Pavilion if they are part of a group that includes at least one skating guest. Non-skating guests must also check-in at one of the registers and obtain a non-skating guest wristband
• Follow Due to capacity and security concerns, no person may enter the Skating Pavilion unless he or she is a skating guest or non-skating guest as described above.
• Outside food and beverage is not permitted in the Skating Pavilion except if purchased from The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park
• Please secure your belongings. Citi Pond is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
• Follow all announcements and obey the instructions of the skate guards.
• By entering this venue, you are releasing all rights, title, and interest in your face, voice appearance, silhouette, and likeness for the purposes of any sales, broadcast, advertising, marketing, print, video, audio, or other reproduction. There will be no compensation for your appearance in the recording. This facility is monitored by video surveillance.
Code of Ice Skater Responsibility
Safety is our top concern at Citi Pond. Ice skating at Citi Pond is at your own risk. Be aware skate with care.
 Ice skaters must abide by the following rules in order to help make Citi Pond a wonderful experience for everyone.
• Follow all announcements and obey the instructions of the skate guards.
• A Pond wristband is required to enter the ice rink.
• Ice skates must be worn to enter the ice rink.
• Cell phones, headphones, cameras, backpacks, and pocketbooks are not permitted on the ice.
• Food and drinks are not permitted on the ice.
• Spins and jumps are not permitted when the rink is crowded. The center of the ice is for skating lessons and figure skating.
• No pushing, pulling, or shoving.
• No weaving in and out between ice skaters or cones.
• No power stopping or spraying ice onto other patrons.
• No sitting or climbing on the railings. Do not congregate at the railings or        block the entrances/exits.
• No carrying a child while ice skating. This is very dangerous for the child.
• No more than two people may hold hands while skating.
• Skating while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is strictly prohibited.
• Please report any injury to a Pond staff member.
• Please respect your fellow ice skaters.
• Please limit your skating time to approximately 1.5 hours.
 Failure to abide by these rules or the instructions of the operating staff of Citi Pond may result in the termination of Participant’s use of Citi Pond without refund.
Assumption of Risk
 Ice skating involves certain inherent risks that may result in serious injury or death. By entering the Skating pavilion and/or ice skating rink area, you acknowledge that you are aware that ice skating can be a dangerous activity, you freely volunteer to participate, and you accept all known and unknown risks while at Citi Pond at Bryant Park. Furthermore, you release all parties associated with or related to Citi Pond at Bryant Park including, but not limited to, its operators, its equipment suppliers, and its sponsors against any and all claims that you may have and any and all liability for any loss, damage, injury, or expense you may incur in connection with any activities at Citi Pond at Bryant Park.