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How to Make Sushi Simple, Cheap, Easy and Tasty

How to Make Sushi Simple, Cheap, Easy and Tasty

Sushi is one of the Japanese food that is loved by many people. Not only in the land of Sakura itself but also abroad, especially for Japanese food enthusiasts. The main ingredients used are seasoned rice, seasonings of which are sugar, salt and rice vinegar. Next the rice is clenched and given fish and other ingredients, the shape is round.

The types of sushi itself have many variants. There are sushi roll, tuna sushi, avocado sushi, ikura gukan sushi, maguro nigiri, kappa maki, sake nigiri sushi, taro sushi, uni sushi, amaebi sushi, ebi nigiri, tamago yaki sushi, and many more variants.

For people who first eat sushi it may feel strange or unsuitable on the tongue. Especially when the first sushi eaten has a raw fish topping. But if you are a Japanese food lover, you must be familiar with the taste of this sushi.

The main ingredient used in sushi making is rice. The rice used to make Japanese sushi is a round Japanese rice.

In addition to rice, you also need to pay attention to the amount of seasoning used. The rice for sushi has a distinctive taste. The measure for the seasoning must be appropriate in order to produce the right taste as well. The flavor of this sushi rice is a bit sour and soft because of the mixture of the seasoning.

Sushi has a unique way of eating, the not very large diameter of sushi can make it easier to devour it. Put in vinegar or a special sushi sauce then eat one mouthful, supposedly this way of eating is a way to reward guests. In addition it is still in the uniqueness of sushi, that sushi has a special chef that is more made by men.

As for making sushi at home, you have to prepare the tools. The most important tool is a small bamboo mat for rolling sushi. The name of this mat is makisu, there are two types of mats used to make sushi. Makisu with thin bamboo and makisu with thicker bamboo.

Once the bamboo is used to roll the sushi, then you can dry makisu to avoid bacteria and fungi. A tool that is no less important to maintain the taste of sushi is hangiri. Hangiri is a container made of bamboo, hangiri is a container that functions to store rice that has been seasoned with vinegar, salt and sugar.

Now can’t wait to make this Japanese food quickly? Here’s how to load a simple home-style sushi that Celsiusnyc.com summarizes from various sources.

1. Simple sushi roll

– 2 handfuls of rice
– 2 handfuls glutinous rice
– 2 sheets of nori/seaweed
– 1 tablespoon foreign soy sauce
– 1 tablespoon rice vinegar
– 1 egg
– 1 cucumber
– 1/2 carrot
– 1 medium size bratwurst sausage
– 1 clove chopped garlic
– Mayonnaise to taste
– Salt to taste

How to make:
– Prepare the rice cooker.
– Cook sushi rice first, by mixing ordinary rice and glutinous rice with water about 250 ml.
– Use low heat and cook the rice until it is half cooked.
– During the wait, cut cucumbers, carrots, and sausages, with elongated pieces.
– When the rice is half cooked, steam the rice again along with the sausages and carrots that have been cut.
– Leave until the rice is cooked and pulen, transfer in another container.
– Add soy sauce and rice vinegar, mix well.
– Fry garlic until browned, remove and drain.
– Fry the omelette, do not forget to add salt and pepper.
– Cut the omelette by lengthwise.
– Prepare a sushi roller, or it can be with rectangular plastic.
– Put the nori at the bottom.
– Next to the rice, flatten it on top of the nori.
– Arrange sausages, carrots, and eggs on top.
– Sprinkle fried garlic.
– Add mayonnaise.
– Roll the sushi with a little pressure to solid.
– Cut into 1.5 cm in size with a sharp knife.
– Sushi roll ready to serve.

2. Salmon nigiri

– Fresh salmon
– Nori cut lengthwise
– Cooked rice
– Rice vinegar
– Mushroom broth

Additional tools:
– Rice molds for sushi

How to make:
– Clean the salmon.
– Cut by elongated to medium thickness.
– Prepare a container for rice.
– Add rice, rice vinegar, and mushroom broth, mix well.
– Print rice with special molds for sushi. It can also be self-formed by hand.
– Put pieces of salmon on top of the rice.
– Cut the nori by lengthwise and wrap it.
– Salmon nigiri is ready to be enjoyed.

3. Inari sushi

– 15 tofu pong (can know other skin can take)
– Rice to taste
– Salmon to taste
– 2 eggs, fried omelette and cut into pieces
– 350 ml of water
– 3 tablespoons sugar
– 10 tablespoons soy sauce
– 2 tablespoons sesame
– Ketchup to taste
– Mayonnaise to taste

How to make:
– Bring the water to a boil with soy sauce and sugar.
– Put in the pong tofu.
– Cook over medium heat.
– Let the water be absorbed into the tofu.
– Drain and cut the tofu so it can be filled.
– Prepare another container.
– Combine eggs, crab sticks, sauce, and mayonnaise.
– Prepare rice and mix it with sesame oil.
– Use it as a tofu stuffing.
– Inari sushi is ready to be enjoyed.

4. Temaki sushi

– Rice for rice
– Glutinous rice
– 3 tablespoons granulated sugar
– 6 tablespoons rice vinegar
– 20 sheets of nori size 15×30 cm
– 1 avocado
– 3 eggs
– 8 prawns (can be replaced by salmon, tuna, or other fish)
– 3 pieces of lettuce
– 2 tablespoons soy sauce
– Wasabi to taste
– Grated ginger to taste

How to make:
– Get all the ingredients ready.
– Cut the avocado into eight pieces.
– Cut the cucumber by lengthwise about 4 cm.
– Boil the shrimp and peel it.
– Cook ordinary rice and glutinous rice, with a ratio of 5:1.
– While the rice is still hot, add the rice vinegar and stir.
– Fry eggs over medium heat.
– Season the eggs with soy sauce.
– Fry over low heat.
– Cut the eggs into 4 parts.
– Prepare a pedestal to make sushi.
– Sheet the nori.
– Add rice on top, rice forms a triangle.
– Add the whole stuffing on it to taste.
– Fold one side of the nori until it covers the entire filling.
– Roll by hand to form a cone.
– For the cocol sauce, mix the soy sauce, wasabi, and grated chili peppers.
– Temaki sushi is ready to be served.

5. Onigirazu or sushi sandwich

– 1 bowl of sushi rice
(comparison of ordinary rice and glutinous rice 3:1)
– 2 tablespoons rice vinegar (or can be with apple vinegar)
– 2 pieces of nori
– 3 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk
– 1 can of tuna
– 1/4 cup corn kernels
– 1/2 sliced lettuce
– 1/4 cup mayonnaise
– Sesame oil to taste
– Salt to taste
– Chili powder to taste
– Salt to taste

How to make:
– Prepare sushi rice and mix it with rice vinegar. Divide the rice into two parts in different containers.
– First container, mix rice with sesame oil.
– Second container, mix rice with chili powder.
– For the filling, mix mayonnaise, sweetened condensed milk, and corn.
– Get a sheet of nori.
– Put rice seasoned with sesame oil on top, square shape with a size of about 10x10cm.
– Next, add other fillings such as tuna and lettuce.
– Then add rice mixed with chili powder.
– Arrange them neatly.
– Fold the nori until the rice and the filling is covered, use plastic wrap to make it denser.
– Cut into two parts resembling a sandwich.
– Fry with seasoning flour.
– Onigirazu is ready to eat.

6. California sushi

– 2 pieces of nori
– 1 plate of warm rice
– 4 crab sticks
– 1 cucumber
– 1/2 avocado
– Sesame roasting
– Soy sauce
– Mayonnaise

Ingredients for rice vinegar:
– 10 ml of water
– 5 ml cooking vinegar
– 1 teaspoon granulated sugar
– 1/2 teaspoon salt

How to make:
– Prepare warm rice and mix it with rice vinegar.
– Pour little by little while stirring.
– Continue to mix and stir until the rice feels sticky.
– Fold and cut the nori into two parts.
– Cut cucumber and avocado by extending until stick-shaped.
– Fry crab stick, cut into two pieces, set aside.
– Prepare the platic wrap.
– Put a nori on it.
– Flatten one rice kepal on the surface nori.
– Turn it over until the rice is below.
– Arrange avocado, cucumber, and crab stick.
– Roll and press until solid.
– Sprinkle sesame.
– Cut sushi with a sharp knife.
– Serve with soy sauce and mayonnaise.
– California sushi ready to eat

7. Chicken futomaki


– 2 cups rice
– 3 pieces of nori
– 2 eggs, fried omelette
– 9 pieces fried chicken sticks
– 1 bunch of green mustard
– Carrots to taste
– Cucumber to taste

How to Make:
– Mix rice with pickled water, stir.
– For three parts.
– Prepare a pedestal to make sushi.
– Put down a piece of nori.
– Take some rice and flatten it on top of the nori.
– Leave a little part of the nori so that it can stick when it is rolled.
– Arrange other fillings such as omelets, carrots, mustard, and cucumbers.
– Roll and compact.
– Slice sushi rolls approximately 3-4 cm.
– Chicken futomaki is ready to be enjoyed.

Good luck!

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