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Celsius is the only venue of its kind in New York City.  The two-story indoor/outdoor restaurant and lounge is a custom designed, glass-enclosed venue that overlooks the iconic Rink at Bank of America's Winter Village at Bryant Park.  From the 2nd floor, you can see fantastic views of midtown through the transparent roof, and even enjoy heated outdoor seating.  Celsius brings cuisine, entertainment, and a festive backdrop to this urban oasis in the heart of Midtown.  

Events at Celsius can be customized with a variety of food and beverage options and a turnkey A/V package.  An urban, chic design complements the bistro-style culinary experience.  Whether you are hosting a holiday party, product launch, corporate event, media promotion, wedding, happy hour, or film/television shoot, Celsius is the ideal backdrop.  

To inquire about hosting your private event with us, please submit the information below, and one of our event coordinators will contact you within 24 hours.

For more information, please view our Celsius Venue Guide.


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